Engagement: Albrey + Jerry (Theme 2&3)

When my clients cannot come up with a theme, I will usually suggest something that I have longed to try. I have always wanted to do a kitchen theme, but it’s just so hard to find a decent kitchen in Hong Kong. Lucky of me, I have a client, whose company owns a huge and western looking kitchen, and he also generously rented it to us at a very low cost.
The whole two hours shooting was full of laughters.
The photos came out really sweet.
The first time I met up with Albrey and Jerry, I asked about their love story. Albrey told me that they began as friends, and since they were miles apart (Jerry was in the States while Albrey was in Hong Kong), they wrote each other letters. Occasionally Jerry would come back to Hong Kong, until a few years ago Jerry finally finished school and moved back to Hong Kong for good.

In our first (and only) meeting, it was mainly Albrey that did the talking, so I have an impression that Jerry is a guy with very few words.  That’s how I came up with the idea of using comic dialogue boxes in the photos. When I brought up the idea, they happily agreed. Thanks Albrey and Jerry for the trust and letting me try out new stuff/ theme.

I should learn from Jerry to be someone with fewer words! (I better get back to my editing and stop blabbing.)

Last but not least, (to Albrey and Jerry) I can’t wait to shoot your wedding later this year!

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