Wedding (Hawaii): Priscilla + Darren

This wedding was captured about 4 months ago in Hawaii. I was so excited when Priscilla contacting me and telling me that their wedding would be in Hawaii as I have never been to that city before. Hawaii (Oahu to be specific) is a lot different than what I have expected. It’s almost like Hong … Continue reading

Wedding: Carmen + Kentigern

There were a lot of things that touched me from this wedding. From the speeches that made by the couple to the friendship between the bride and her bridesmaids. From seeing Carmen’s parents tearing up while helping Carmen into her chinese qua to seeing Kentigern holding his mom’s hand on one side while Carmen holding … Continue reading

Wedding: Marvi + Dickson

Wedding: Gladys + Kenneth

I always get asked this question: Do you prefer shooting wedding or pre-wedding photos? I honestly like both of them, but it also really depends. There are many factors that make me dislike shooting a wedding, for instance the long hours (8am – 11pm), the dull decoration, the same venue over and over again, the … Continue reading

Wedding: Zoe + Jimmy

If you have followed my blog from the start, you probably would recognize Zoe and Jimmy. I did their engagement shoot about two YEARS ago. YES, you didn’t read it wrong, it was two years ago. =) Here is a sneak peek of their wedding session.

Wedding: Tracy + Nick

This is my second time shooting at Chung Chi Church. My first time was about three years ago, I still remember it was quite a bad experience shooting there, not that the church wasn’t nice, on the contrary, it’s very spacious and elegant. It was the regulations there that put me off. I have never … Continue reading

Wedding: Janice + Stephen

So sorry for not updating my blog for a couple weeks. I have had a crazy month. Here is a sneak peek of Janice and Stephen’s wedding. Janice and Stephen are such an adorable couple. I still remember we had our first and only meeting at festival walk. I never pictured how my potential clients … Continue reading

Wedding: Trista + Matthew

I enjoyed photographing this wedding immensely. Perhaps because it’s my first time shooting at this beautiful cathedral and St. Stephen’s girls’ College. Thanks for inviting me to be your big day photographer, Trista and Matthew! This Cathedral is where Trista and Matthew met. Trista was the conductor while Matthew was singing at the choir. On … Continue reading

Wedding: Kaka + Jay

If you have followed my posts every week, you would remember KaKa and Jay because I posted their engagement shoot not that long ago (you can see here). I have to say Kaka and Jay’s wedding ceremony venue was one of the most challenging venues of all. With nowhere for us – photographers to move … Continue reading

Wedding: Jan + Derek

Bali, I call it my third home. There is something about Bali that I can quite place, but it keeps drawing me back to it. I call myself lucky that my clients love Bali as much as I do, and decided to have weddings there. I was in Bali earlier in May 2014 for a … Continue reading