Wedding: Marvi + Dickson

Engagement: Laureen + Wai

I had a short engagement session with these two lovebirds. It was definitely more like a picnic than a photo session as Laureen brought tons of snacks for us in case we might get hungry. Haha. Here is a sneak peek of Laureen and Wai’s engagement session:

Engagement session

You must be wondering how come there are only two photos in this post. When my clients bought my photography services, they all had to agree that I could use their photos on my blog. Every now and there some clients would would pay extra to buy the sole ownership if their photos, so did … Continue reading

Engagement: Bianca + Ken (Part 2)

This is probably my most enjoyable shoot that I have ever done in Sheung Wan. With their semi formal outfits, I could take so many photos in that old district of Hong Kong. With six sets of photoshoots piling up in my computer, I better get back to edit my photos. I will see these … Continue reading

Engagement: Letitia + Terry

I haven’t edited my photos with this “wash out” style for awhile. If you have been following my blog, you would have noticed that there was a period I edited most of my photos with this style. Now I just let my clients to do their pick. Terry and Letitia are friends of one of … Continue reading

Engagement: Carmen + Kentigern

I did this engagement session two months ago. It’s definitely a very memorable photo session for me. If you asked me what I remembered the most of this photo session, I would have to say that my stomach was so full that I could barely run. Carmen and Kentigern kept feeding the makeup artist and … Continue reading

Engagement: Alice + Ben

It has been awhile since I last uploaded photos. In case you wonder, I have not been slacking at all; instead I was way too busy to update my blog. There are five other photo sessions that I have yet to upload, but another seven photo shoots are coming up. Arghhhh…it is going be one … Continue reading

Engagement: Tiffany + Daniel

What I have learned from this shoot is that we tend to be critical and harsh to ourselves. We see flaws in ourselves that no one notices. It totally took me by surprised that even gorgeous girl like Tiffany, she saw flaws in herself. Anyways, there are so many photos that I love from this … Continue reading

Engagement (London): Karen + Jonathan

I feel like I have spoken more English than Cantonese at work these days. I love how my job brings me clients from all over the world. I have been going back to London at least once every year in these five years. I was recommended to Karen by my prior client, who did her … Continue reading

Engagement: Maria + Koen

I have to say this is one of my most memorable photo sessions. Not only did we photograph under red rainstorm signal, I had to rush to the airport to catch my flight to London right after the shoot. Normally under such bad weather, the photo session would be postponed, unfortunately Maria and Koen did … Continue reading