Engagement: Karen + Joe

From the day Karen contacted me for my charge to actually photo shooting the couple took only 16 days. They haven’t requested to meet in person to go through the details or anything. We simply did it all through emails. That’s just perfect for me. This set is definitely one of my favorite sets of … Continue reading

Post-Wedding: Gina + Peter

Sorry I was out of town for a week and didn’t get to update my blog (my excuse for slacking! shussssh). Now here is my another set of photos I took in Melbourne three months ago. People always ask me how do I know where to shoot when I haven’t had the chance to location … Continue reading

Engagement: Ankey + Enosh

First of all, I have to thank Ankey and Enosh for putting so much trust and faith in me, and letting me try out all my crazy ideas. As far as I know, Ankey has bought at least 7 outfits for this 4 hours shooting. She cared all the details as much as I did. … Continue reading

Engagement: Queenie + Joe

Queenie first contacted me about doing her engagement photoshoot back in early October. She said they would be coming back to Hong Kong (from Aussie) to get the venues for their next year wedding sorted out in December. Therefore, we have been emailing back and forth about the photoshoot theme for two months before the … Continue reading