Family: The Ng family

I am definitely falling in love with this chubby round face baby girl. I have been thinking about her all the time since the photoshoot. This is my fourth photoshoot with this couple, who I have become good friends with. Here is the last photoshoot we did six months back (please click here).

Family: The So Family

I am so swamped with photo shoots and photo editing lately. I am trying my best to catch up with my blog update. It’s just so difficult! I still have two sets of wedding photos to work on. I feel like my eye balls are about to fall out from the sockets. yea so gross, … Continue reading

Family: Mandy + Jason = Him Him

I feel like I am going crazy with all the shoots that I have done in the past three weeks. I did 7 photo shoots in 10 days, I felt like all my energy was drained from my body. And now there is a huge pile of photos sitting in my computer whispering my name. … Continue reading

Family: The Ng Family

I know it has been way too long for me to update my blog when a couple of my prior clients texted and urged me to post something new. Fyi, I have never stopped shooting in these couple months, just I was also busy having a lot of fun with different sport activities and traveling. … Continue reading

Family: The Chan family

I met Jan and Steven 5 years ago…in London. I was their pre-wedding photographer. We have kept in touch ever since. I am deeply in love with their baby boy – Edgar, so I was especially excited when they invited me to do Edgar’s one year old birthday shoot. Here you go part of the … Continue reading

Family: The Wan Family

Last time I met Sophie, she was only 1.5 years old. She hasn’t spoken one word to me back then. All she did throughout the photo shoot, she was cleaning her little kitchen. (You can see the photos from here.) Now that she is 3 years old, she sings, dances and speaks like a little … Continue reading

Family: The Triple AN Family

The reason why I called them the Triple AN Family is because the three of them all have their English names start with AN. Annetta, Anson and Baby Anders. Five years ago, I did Annetta and Anson’s pre-wedding photos in London. And then a year ago, I did the pregnancy photo shoot for Annetta. It … Continue reading

Family: The Lai Family

It was a lovely afternoon spending with Bella the baby, Yen and Jack. When Yen first contacted me about photographing Bella in her 8 months, I was really curious why would she pick to do it at this particular month because most of the parents would choose to do it when babies turn one. Yen … Continue reading

Family: Ikuko & Yui

I did a shoot for yui and her family when she was one. A year and half went by, Yui has become so big now. This shoot was meant to celebrate Yui turning three soon. If I remember what Ikuko told me correctly, Japanese girls would have to wear kimonos when they turned 3 and … Continue reading

Family: The Lai Family

Two years ago, I did Tammy and Henry’s wedding (link here), today I am shooting for them again along with their baby boy – Travis. This shoot was originally scheduled in March, right around Travis birthday as a 1 year old celebration, but with all that rain and bad weather, we eventually moved it to … Continue reading