Engagement: Miho + Kevin

I am still feeling a little sick from my trip to Tokyo, so I will spare myself from writing anything more this week. Here is a sneak peek of Miho and Kevin’s engagement session.

Engagement: Megan + Tom

Never have I shot an engagement session with two sports theme! I had way too much fun exploring these two themes. I always tell my clients to choose a theme that can best represent them or their stories. Megan and Tom met at a climbing gym, and they both love rock climbing and running. What’s … Continue reading

Engagement: Wendy + Winson

This is a photo shoot that I don’t think I will ever forget. Why? It was so hot that day that I got a heatstroke while photographing this couple! So yes, being a photographer is not as easy as you imagine it is. =) Thank God that Wendy is a nurse! And yes, we did … Continue reading

Engagement: Selma + Irvin

I love how my job helps me reconnect with people that I have met when I was young. Selma and I went to the same secondary school, since we weren’t in the same form, we weren’t particularly close, but we would chat here and there as we both were in the swimming team. We had … Continue reading

Pre-wedding: Iris + Carlton

I had so much fun photographing Iris and Carlton in Bali, even though we weren’t very lucky with one of the locations, the photos still turn out pretty well! Thanks Iris and Carlton for being so cheerful and interesting to work with! I have changed a couple photos into black and white simply because it … Continue reading

Post-wedding: Ching + Leon

Leon is my prior client – Stella‘s brother. Beautiful sister has a good looking brother. It must be the genes. This is one of the shoots that I enjoyed the most because Leon and Ching gave me all the freedom to create and choose for the locations. I can finally photograph something that I have … Continue reading

Engagement: Pannie + David

Pannie is currently living in United Kingdom while David lives in Hong Kong. They met back in the UK. Pannie told me she didn’t plan to take any pre-wedding photos until she saw my photos. I am truly flattered! Here is a sneak peek of Pannie and David’s engagement session.

Engagement: Patricia + Sang

Recently I have been given the chance to photograph couples flying to Hong Kong from overseas. It’s fun to meet people from all over the world! Patty and Sang, the first overseas couple that I photographed. They flew to HK from California for vacation. It’s really my pleasure to be their photographer! Such a sweet … Continue reading

Engagement: Joyce + Matt

This is an overseas engagement shoot I did two months ago in Los Angeles. One of my favorite shoots definitely. Good looking couple, incredibly nice locations with a wonderful weather, what more can I ask for?

Engagement: Pansy + Tung

Does this summery engagement shoot bring back some warmth? This shoot was done a little more than two months ago when it was still sunny and warm. We did this shoot back at where Pansy and Tung first met, and also where Tung proposed to Pansy. Isn’t it the most romantic thing to show in … Continue reading