Engagement (London): Karen + Jonathan

I feel like I have spoken more English than Cantonese at work these days. I love how my job brings me clients from all over the world. I have been going back to London at least once every year in these five years. I was recommended to Karen by my prior client, who did her … Continue reading

Family: Ikuko & Yui

I did a shoot for yui and her family when she was one. A year and half went by, Yui has become so big now. This shoot was meant to celebrate Yui turning three soon. If I remember what Ikuko told me correctly, Japanese girls would have to wear kimonos when they turned 3 and … Continue reading

Engagement: Vanessa + Kel

I have always prefer my clients to wear flats for their engagement shoot for more natural posing, but looking at Vanessa, I might have to take back my belief. She looks so natural and gorgeous in her high heels! This shoot was originally scheduled in March, yet due to the unstable weather, we changed it … Continue reading

Wedding: Janice + Stephen

So sorry for not updating my blog for a couple weeks. I have had a crazy month. Here is a sneak peek of Janice and Stephen’s wedding. Janice and Stephen are such an adorable couple. I still remember we had our first and only meeting at festival walk. I never pictured how my potential clients … Continue reading

Happy Chinese new year!

While you are reading this, I am already back home – San Francisco! I mean my SECOND home. I am so excited about this trip that I am not going to work for the next two weeks but only stuffing my face in pho and tacos. =) =) =) Soooo…my phone will be off, but … Continue reading

Wedding: Jan + Derek

Bali, I call it my third home. There is something about Bali that I can quite place, but it keeps drawing me back to it. I call myself lucky that my clients love Bali as much as I do, and decided to have weddings there. I was in Bali earlier in May 2014 for a … Continue reading

Wedding (France): Roxanne + Damien

December is a month for some crazy travels. I will be barely in Hong Kong this month. What’s the point when there is only work and no play? There is nothing more exciting than shooting a wedding overseas. And Nice, France! Is there any other wedding that can top this? =) I was so excited … Continue reading

Engagement: Andrea + Yong

You would never have guessed Andrea and Yung are Singaporean. Have you honestly met a Singapore that is this tall? They are the third couple that flew in from Singapore that I have photographed. We had a short two hours session, and it was right before my flight. I still remember I had to run … Continue reading

Wedding: Iris + Carlton

This is the Bali wedding that I did about two months ago. Iris and Carlton did their engagement shoot also in Bali two days before their wedding. Definitely go check it out as it is one of my favorite engagement shoots! =) I have promised Carlton that I would post very few photos from their … Continue reading

Anniversary: Clare + Kin

A year ago, I did Clare and Kin’s engagement shoot (view here) as well as their wedding shoot (view here). A year later, we have built up a friendship. When I mentioned to Clare that I would be going to Bali for two photo shoots, and invited her and her husband to come along, they … Continue reading