My favorite wedding related venues!

Clients always ask me which bridal suite, garden, church or banquet hall do I like the best. So here you go! Favorite Bridal suite: No doubt is the one at The Repulse Bay hotel. Favorite garden for wedding ceremony goes to…Hyatt Regency (The one in Shatin) Favorite church for ceremony is surprisingly NOT Bethanie Chapel, … Continue reading

Wedding: Albrey + Jerry

Albrey and Jerry’s wedding shows you who they are – quiet and low-key. There is no dancing and no big surprises, but there are laughters and tears, love and coziness. Coming up next is “Engagement: Agnes + Eric”.

Wedding: Holly + Leslie

This is a wedding that I took quite awhile ago. Sometimes a wrong setting could make a photo look even more beautiful, just like this one. Obviously I set the shutter speed too slow, but the mistake that I made doesnt make me love this photo any less. So far there are only two churches … Continue reading

Wedding: Larina + Vincent

I honestly have never been to a bridal room that has so many bridesmaids (10 in total!!!) waiting to get their hair and makeup done. It’s like a salon! =) Larina told me that she had primary school, secondary school as well as University classmates as her bridesmaids. Before their wedding, when I was still … Continue reading