Family: The Wan Family

I love photographing kids and their families. I could totally take photos of baby Sophie for 4 hours straight yet our session was only 1.5 hours long. Sophie is crazily adorable. I would say Sophie does not afraid of stranger, at least she did not run away from me, nor is she shy because she did not hide behind her parents legs when I first arrived at her home. She simply gave me cold shoulders (ouch! yet I bet that’s what a 1.5 years old baby would do to strangers), saw me as she didn’t see me and heard me as she didn’t hear me (haha…how I wish we adults could do that too…) when I first approached her. She eventually gave me some smiles when she saw me shooting behind the glass door (perhaps melted by my charm! I am just saying!) toward the end of the photoshoot. ads-3wSophie with her grandparents!

ads-9wNow Sophie is the boss in the house!





ads-32wIt’s funny that Agnes told me baby Sophie loved to clean. I can totally verify what Agnes said was true because Sophie would not stop wiping her little toy kitchen countertop with her small pink handkerchief while I was photographing her. She was so busying cleaning the already very clean countertop that she ignored her parents. Haha.






ads-71wIt’s really nice to meet this beautiful family!


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