Family: The Inoue Family

There is nothing better than photographing your best friend’s family. Even though Ikuko and I don’t get to see each other that often as we live in two different countries, we have stayed as best friends ever since we both left Berkeley almost 10 years ago.

My last time being in Tokyo Ikuko just has gotten married to Yo, and that was two years ago. This time, I finally got to meet my best friend’s 1 year old baby girl!yui-34w


yui-27wEven though baby Yui and I couldn’t quite communicate as I didn’t speak Japanese, we still got on very well!















yui-81wThe last couple photos that I post here were taken at 5ish in the morning. After staying with Ikuko and her family, I finally understand why Japanese working mothers tend to be so slim. They are living a life that’s unimaginable for most of us, Hong Kong people. Just having my friend as an example, she wakes up at 5 in the morning just because baby Yui is an early riser. She starts preparing Yui’s breakfast, feeding her, changing her for the nursery, getting ready to leave for work at 7. After that she works from 8am – 5pm (she’s lucky to have a job that can get off so early). Comes back to the district to pick up Yui before 6pm from the nursery. Getting Yui’s dinner ready, feeding her, and then preparing baby’s bath, bathing her; bringing Yui to bed, patting her until she falls asleep. When these are all done, it’s already 9 at night. When she still has the energy to cook, she would cook herself some dinner and then take a short nap. She wakes up at 12 midnight when her hubby gets home from work and gets his dinner ready. Have you noticed that I haven’t even mentioned getting the laundry done? And other house chores? These are all done by her when baby is sleeping. If you ever complain about how tough it is being a working mother in Hong Kong, you just haven’t met a Japanese working mother yet.







One Response to “Family: The Inoue Family”
  1. Ikuko says:

    Kathy my dear I didn’t notice this post until now!
    You make my day sound harder than it is. Wow i’m a hard worker reading that sounds really tiring LOL
    Thanks again for the photo shoot. You are the best!

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