Baby: Alvin (27 days old)

I wasn’t expecting to do any shootings in July nor August as it’s so extremely hot. When all the brides-to-be dodged from the scorching sun, the babies and kids were ready to get a tan!

It’s my first time photographing a baby this young. Definitely a challenge for me. Thanks for the trust and giving me the chance, Andy and Koei. Now I am a lot more confident about photographing babies. Who will give me a 2 weeks baby to photograph!? Please! Pretty please! =) mak-4w




I know there are photographers that love to make the baby’s skin looks smooth and flawless by using a lot of photoshop editing, yet in my opinion baby’s facial hair, skin redness and peeling skin are all priceless stage that should be recorded instead of to be corrected through photoshop.
mak -7w

Since Andy and Koei found me through Andy’s sister – Sara, who was my prior client two years ago, they probably had enough faith in me that I would work properly around baby Alvin by leaving me completely alone with him for quite awhile. Lol. I know most of the parents with newborn babies would be so protective that they would never leave their babies alone with even their friends.




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