Wedding: Sharon + Siu Tung (Photo session)

Sorry for the delay in updating my post! I was in London working.
Here you go the 1 hour photo session on the day of Sharon and Siu Tung’s wedding. Next week will be the full version of their wedding day.

I have many more photos that I would like to post, but I will just leave it to Sharon and Siu Tung to post them. =)

How I wish I could have more than an hour to photo shoot them.
By the way Sharon, your bridesmaids ROCK!

One Response to “Wedding: Sharon + Siu Tung (Photo session)”
  1. Sharon says:

    Love the few photos you posted! Looking forward to seeing the rest. I ESP like the TREE photo with the bridesmaids!!! It’s already good we got 1 hour of shooting on the wedding day though I wish we could have more time to explore the beautiful historic campus. Actually the reason why Siu Tung wanted to take photos of the Hall in the beginning (if you still remember) was because our first official date was in that Hall 🙂 You are so talented Kathy! Thanks again!!!!!

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