Travel: Holi Festival

I can’t wait to show all of you my India photos, so please excuse me for not posting my wedding work this week.

I went to India for only one purpose, that’s to see their Holi Festival. Holi is also called the Spring Festival – as it marks the arrival of spring. The season of hope and joy. It’s also a festival of colors. By applying (rubbing is a more accurate term in my own personal experience) colors on others, it expresses the love you have for them.
I was warned by some locals that I should only stay inside my hotel because the Indians could be high from taking the Bhang (a mixture of Marijuana and sugar) and get rough on girls. So being safe than sorry, but at the same time I couldn’t resist my adventurous nature, I stepped out of the hotel and only hung around at the street of my hotel. I tried to stay away from the locals at first, just photo shooting them with my long range lens, but this group of kids came out from nowhere laughing and all excited to see me as an Asian, I just let them rubbed colors on my face and joined the big group playing Holi at last. Some guys would approach shyly and gesturing to me if I would let them touch my face. Some would just run to me and rub it on without asking with a big handful of powder. It’s definitely one of the most interesting festivals I have ever experienced.
Around noon, I took a tuk tuk with two friends and tried to see how the celebration went outside of our hotel street. It’s quite a scene. Most of the motorcyclists were colored pink. Some pedestrians had green and blue hairs. And I, myself was colored red from head to toe.

If you asked me if I had any unpleasant encounter during the Holi festival. All I can tell you is that there’s this Indian teenage boy came up to me with his friends and said, “give me a kiss. just one.”, and some KIDS embraced me and tried to kiss my cheek. Anyhow, they wouldn’t force you. When I said NO, they walked away.
Next year I am going back to India for another Holi festival celebration. Who’s in? =)

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