Engagement: Agnes + Eric

I enjoyed so much photo shooting Agnes and Eric. Well…I said “enjoyed”, it didn’t necessarily mean the shooting was EASY instead it was quite challenging. Some of the guys are camera shy, and Eric’s name is definitely on the top three list. Yet because of his shyness, we have so much laughters throughout.

 There are two things that I want to show in my photos – sweetness and love. I always have this belief that a photographer is NOT to create the sweetness and the love, but to help you capture them. It’s the small gesture or the eye contacts that show where the love is.

I still remember there is this time that Eric was laughing so hard after having some fun with the flower petals, Agnes put her arm around eric’s shoulder and looked at him with a big grin on her face. She laughed because he laughed (Okay. I am not going to lie. I laughed too.). This is the natural intimacy and the moment that they share that I want to freeze into my photos.

I am so happy meeting you both, Agnes and Eric. All the best!
By the way, an early happy birthday to Eric (as we have the same birthday, which is 5 days from today! Ha!)

One Response to “Engagement: Agnes + Eric”
  1. Eric Luk says:

    Thanks Kathy!

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