Engagement: Hilda + Alfred

Location: Shanghai

This is actually an engagement shooting I did three weeks ago. There are a few more sets of photos that I should have worked on before this set. Well…I helped them cut the line because their big day is less than a week away from now.

The camera absolutely loves Hilda. She looks gorgeous from any angles. I still remember I kept telling Alfred, “Hilda’s very photogenic.” What I didn’t also say was that “Alfred, the camera loves you too.”
 The day before their shooting, it was raining cats and dogs (I had to photo shoot another couple on the pouring rain day). I was a little worried for their shooting, but fortunate for all of us, it had stopped raining. Even though the weather wasn’t perfect, AT LEAST IT’S NOT RAINING!
Hilda’s being a little playful with her marching.

I still find it a little funny that they didn’t request to meet me (in Hong Kong) before the actual shooting day since they didn’t hire me by referral nor we had any mutual friends. All of us flew to Shanghai without knowing each other and only met on the shooting day. It’s always fun to only find out how the couples are really like (in appearance or personality) on the shooting day; it’s like unwrapping a gift.

I’m glad that Hilda and Alfred definitely are one sweet gift!
I wish them best of the best on their wedding day!

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