Travel: Munich, Germany

I chose to go to Munich simply because of Oktoberfest. Never in my mind would I have imagined Oktoberfest was like a carnival. I was amused with what I saw and what I experienced.
I still remember a friend asked me, “with your earning, you can afford staying at some nice comfortable hotels, why do you always choose to stay at hostel dorm room? or crash at my sofa?” If I didn’t stay at a hostel, I would never have met the 3 English girls (the girls in my photo) and gone drinking with them in the tent. Nor would I have heard Izzi’s stories of her growing up in Dubai.

Without Oktoberfest, Munich itself is not a very exciting and fun city. I certainly won’t recommend you to go. BUT there is a town that’s a couple hours train ride from Munich is mesmerizing, and I will introduce it to you in the next “Travel” post.

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