Wedding: Vivian + Simon

Vivian’s my F.1 classmate.
People asked me how I felt to photo shoot at my best friend’s wedding. Honestly it’s no different from shooting at other weddings because best friend or not, I work 100% at every single events. Plus she paid for my work, so on her wedding day, she’s not just my best friend, but my client as well. Vivian’s busy checking in on Facebook while Simon was outside at the living room being “tortured” by Vivian’s bridesmaids.
I love that Vivian didn’t go with the traditional “qua” (the chinese red wedding outfit). She also picked a golden qipao for toasting at the banquet instead of wearing red.

It’s my second time photo shooting at Union church. I will have my third time at the end of this year.I have some words especially for Simon. “Simon, you are one lucky guy! Vivian is the most sensible and loving girl I have ever known. We all love her no less than you do. So be a great husband, or we will kick your ass!”

Coming up next is Vivian and Simon’s half hour photo session photos. Stay tuned!

One Response to “Wedding: Vivian + Simon”
  1. Pete Yiu says:

    Stunning photos =)

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