Pre-wedding: Ankey+ Enosh

This is my second photo shoot with Ankey and Enosh. A couple weeks earlier, we did a casual outfit engagement one. Check out “Engagement: Ankey + EnoshAnkey had told me in the first couple of emails that she wanted to do a ballet theme prewedding shooting because she had practiced ballet for more than 10 years. I am always more than happy to try something new.
I thought it would be cuter to have some kids in the photos, so I got her two 8 years old and one 5 years old. Kids are never easy to shoot with. One of the little girls was so out of control; she was all over the groom! Jumped into his lap! Hugged him like he was a tree! It was embarrassing yet hilarious. Anyway, besides the 3 kids, Ankey also invited 2 friends to come shoot with her. I am very grateful for Angela’s ballet posing suggestions because I know nothing about ballet. (Angela, you rock!)

After the ballet theme shooting, we went to University of Hong Kong to get some quick shots.

We ended the day by shooting at the ferry. I love Ankey’s tube dress. It’s absolutely gorgeous!

I have to apologize to Ankey and Enosh. I was so tired on the day because I had a full day event the day before. I thought I have hidden the tiredness well. Not that the tiredness have affected my shooting performance, but I have become less talkative, less smiley and have completely lost my patience.

Anyway, thanks for inviting me to the talk! Enosh was very charming on the stage!

One Response to “Pre-wedding: Ankey+ Enosh”
  1. Enosh Tse says:

    Kathy is so charming with the Camera!!

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