Prewedding: Albrey + Jerry

I have done three different themes with Albrey and Jerry. Airport is one of them.I will say I am pretty familiar with the Hong Kong Airport as I am there more or less twice every month (not that I work at the airport). When I met Albrey and Jerry back in January for our first meeting, they told me that they wanted to shoot some gown photos at the airport terminal. I didn’t think much about shooting at the airport until later on.
I emailed them and told them what I thought. I said the photos could come out tacky and boring if we did GOWN shooting at the terminal like most of the other photos that I have seen on the web. I would never be out of my mind to offend my clients, but it’s just not me to hold back what I think is not the best for them.
Albrey told me that airport meant a lot to both of them even though the gown might not be perfect match to the airport, they decided to go ahead with the original idea.
Ha~ guess what. I like how the photos came out.
The next two themes convey a totally different mood. Stay tuned!

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