Engagement: Sandy + Dave

From confirming to do this photo shoot to finish shooting, we did it in a week. I don’t usually put together a shooting in such a short notice, as most of you know that I love putting stories in the photos, which needs a lot of preparation beforehand. Yet this shooting is different because they did a gown shooting with another company that they weren’t too happy with. And their wedding is happening in about a month and a half, thus I tried my best to give them what I could.It was my first time meeting both of them on the shooting day. I had no idea how they looked like (except Dave. I have seen his photos on facebook). I still remember Dave told me that his girlfriend wasn’t very good at doing her own makeup and since my package didn’t come with a makeup artist, he asked me what to do. I told him that we would be doing casual wear shooting, a very light makeup would already work. He said, “actually my girlfriend looks pretty okay without makeup.” What I wanted to say here is that Dave was wrong, Sandy definitely looked way better than “pretty okay”! Sandy’s so elegantly beautiful! I have always wanted to take a photo like this! Thanks Sandy and Dave for being such great models!Unlike most of the shooting, this time I communicated mostly with THE GUY. I told him what color of outfits to get; what kind of props we would need. He got everything absolutely right!
I am happy with this set of photos. I hope you all do!

One Response to “Engagement: Sandy + Dave”
  1. Ankey says:

    I like all of these photos. Congratulations Sandy and Dave for your wedding and having Kathy who works so deligently, artistically and most of all efficiently.

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