Family: The Cheung Family

We did this family photo shoot at Hong Kong disneyland. Before I went, I was told that there’s NOTHING to shoot in this particular theme park, which turned out to be quite true. It’s nothing like the one in LA or Tokyo. Luckily Donic and Creamie’s daughter was super cute. She has so many different facial expressions. She would be laughing and clapping when she saw Mickey mouse. She would scream would she saw the sign of disney. She would also go all teary everytime she saw the “Dumbo The Flying Elephant” took off when she’s in line.We spent the first three hours doing family shots, lining up for the Carousel, the flying elephant and etc. The last hour, I went only photo shooting Donic and Creamie, who says parents can’t take sweet photos? The main difference of photo shooting “an already married couple” and “a soon going to get married couple” is that the already married one, they would show a lot of punching and pinching instead of kissing in their photos. LOL.To conclude the day, the shooting was fun but Hong Kong disneyland sucked!

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