Baby: Kobe

Happy Birthday Kobe!Babies are always fun to play with, but to photo shoot? Hmmm…hmmm…more. Haha. Babies have unpredictable mood swing as bad as PMS women; they could be smiling to you like an angel at this second, and crying and pulling your hair the next second.
While I was photo shooting Kobe from across the table, his grandpa, grandma and aunts were all standing behind me swinging whatever that could attract Kobe’s attention and make him smile. That was so funny.But actually there was one thing that could keep Kobe focused and happy, that was the cake right in front of him. You always get surprises when photo shooting kids or babies JUST LIKE THIS ONE.

2 Responses to “Baby: Kobe”
  1. soling says:

    He is so adorable, was it his 1 year old birthday party?

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