Engagement: Queenie + Joe

Queenie first contacted me about doing her engagement photoshoot back in early October. She said they would be coming back to Hong Kong (from Aussie) to get the venues for their next year wedding sorted out in December. Therefore, we have been emailing back and forth about the photoshoot theme for two months before the actual photoshoot.
It was so cold on the day of the photoshoot. Queenie was shivering the whole time. I tried my best to photograph as fast as I could.
I tried to put in some Hong Kong elements in the photos. Vitasoy is a brand of beverages in Hong Kong, and was founded in 1940 by Dr. Kwee Seong Lo. “Vitasoy” products were centered on the high-protein soymilk drink that the company first produced. Over the years the company expanded beyond the soy drink products and started to produce a wide variety of beverages.
When Queenie told me that she and Joe met at church. I tried to come up with a theme that could relate to christian and God, and finally came up with this theme – X’mas.
Joe was extremely funny. He would spontaneously give me some hilarious poses every once in awhile. What’s better than photographing an easy going and game couple? I basically laughed through the whole shooting.
Can’t wait to do photoshoot part two with them!

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