Prewedding: Kee + Michael

Prewedding photos and Engagement photos are theoretically the same, they are both “supposed” to be taken before and be shown on the wedding day. It’s just me that put the dressing up in gowns and suits with posey poses photos into prewedding category while the smart casual dress style with natural poses into engagement category.

Location: Shanghai

They were like celebraties on that day. The tourists kept looking at them wherever they went. I have a photo of Michael waving to the tourists who were taking photos of them. LOL.

The weather was far from ideal. The photo on the right is taken when we were shelthering from the rain inside a restaurant.

This shot is easy to shoot than you think it will be. Really.

I see love in their eyes and smiles.

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

Kee and Michael, I wish you two have the most beautiful and wonderful wedding in January, and continued to love each other throughout the seasons of life.

With warm regards,

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